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Screenshot - Defiant Requiem Trailer by Partisan Pictures

audioEngine Crafts Stellar Sound For Defiant Requiem

It’s been quite a year for Defiant Requiem. The powerful documentary premiered at the 2012 IFC DocuWeeks Film Festival in New York and resonated with audiences and critics alike, taking home a Best Feature Documentary award at the Big Apple Film Festival and a Best of the Fest selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Directed by Doug Schultz and produced by Peter Schnall of Partisan Pictures, the film tells the compelling story of the inmates of Terezín, a Czech concentration camp, where many Jewish artists and musicians were imprisoned in mortal fear of being deported to Auschwitz. Led by the courageous and determined Raphael Schächter, the inmates rebelled in the only way they could – through music. Such powerful history called for high caliber post-production, so Schultz and Partisan sought out the sonic expertise of audioEngine‘s Brian Beatrice and Cody Twitchell to bring the sound of Defiant Requiem to life.

Beatrice and Twitchell teamed up for the film’s sound editing, weaving narration by Bebe Neuwirth through interviews of Terezín survivors, pieces of Nazi propaganda film, and arresting footage of Defiant Requiem: The Live Performance, which the film’s inspirational source and Music Director, Murry Sidlin, conducted nearly sixty years after Schächter’s original performance. Beatrice also crafted innovative sound design and mixed the documentary in full, transforming the film’s sonic parts into a masterfully unified whole. He was honored to work on the project and help bring the film into reality:

“It was truly an inspiration to work with Murry and the filmmakers, to help make the voices of the survivors heard, to maximize the impact the of the Requiemperformance and to bring the story of Raphael Schächter to light.”

Defiant Requiem makes its small screen debut this Sunday, April 7, when it will premiere on PBS at 10:00PM EST. In New York, the April 7 premiere will be broadcast on WNET THIRTEEN at 10:00PM, then will repeat on WLIW on April 15th at 7:00PM. Murry Sidlin’s Defiant Requiem: The Live Performance will also return to NYC’s Lincoln Center on April 29th – tickets are available through

Originally published on April 5, 2013 on

Screen Shot for New Balance - Minimus by Arnold Worldwide and Lost Planet

audioEngine’s Carl Mandelbaum Creates Maximum Impact For New Balance

New Balance puts their best foot forward in their latest ad campaign. According to Arnold Worldwide executive producer William Near, “The new Minimus running shoe from New Balance replicates the barefoot running experience and connects the runner to the running surface.” The action-packed spot “1010 Connect,” crafted by Arnold Worldwide and Lost Planet, takes viewers along for the ride as athletes sprint, splash and tumble their way through a challenging all-terrain course, with audio that connects at every footfall.

Using organic sounds captured on set and an original recording of the gospel classic “Dem Bones” by Lateef The Truth Speaker & Chief Xcel, Lost Planet’s Max Koepke developed an exquisite sonic collage that highlights every impact of the run – and that’s where audioEngine’s Carl Mandelbaum came in. Mandelbaum’s skillfull mix brings rumbling runners’ feet, trickling rainwater, rustling leaves and splattering mud all effortlessly into the music, to fully immerse the viewer in the runner’s experience and convey the heightened performance of New Balance. According to Mandelbaum, the spot’s sound “was more impressionistic than literal. We needed to bring the audience into a runner’s body, to tell the story in an abstract way that would excite their senses.” The mix ends with an assertive male voiceover announcing the Minimus 1010 running shoe, wrapping up a spot that is just as entertaining to hear as it is to watch.

Originally published on September 12, 2012


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