Jen Quinn

Jen is a designer, illustrator, copywriter and professional pleasant person.


Drinkblender Logo by Jen Quinn - Home - Jen QuinnSearch - – Jen QuinnLearn Your Liquors - – Jen Quinn

Drinkblender Stationery System by Jen Quinn

Drinkblender Business Card by Jen Quinn

Drinkblender Direct Mailer by Jen Quinn

Drinkblender Direct Mailer - Accordion of Usable Coasters - Jen Quinn

Drinkblender, a cocktail recipe database concept*, has been a favorite project of mine since its inception in 2008. The Drinkblender brand sets the website apart from lackluster competition, both in consumer engagement and usability. The logo gives the brand a vibrant attitude that is reinforced throughout the system with bright whites, sassy colors and a geometric sans-serif. The website, crafted with user experience in mind, makes finding your favorite cocktail simple and easy, while mouthwatering food photography and engaging content encourages users to learn more about cocktail history, composition and themed party ideas. The stationery applications feature duotone photographs of cocktails, referencing the variety of drink recipes available on In a direct mail piece, an accordion of usable coasters features top drink recipes on one size and memorable logo icons on the other while creating brand buzz and offering a festive call to action to visit the website.

*Website and mobile app currently under development. Investor inquiries welcome! :)


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